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Investigating the security of anonymous messaging over the Internet

Investigating the security of anonymous messaging over the Internet

The topic of strongly encrypted communication has been receiving a lot of press coverage over the last few years and is a politically sensitive issue. Adding the possibility of making such communication anonymous makes it more sensitive. This work is based upon the thesis that I submitted for my MSc. The layout of the sections plus some of the wording has been tweaked to fit better as blog posts. The intent is to present the information across several pages.

Anonymity over the internet
Can we be anonymous on the Internet?

In this post I am introducing a new section of the blog which will be devoted to anonymity and privacy.

This blog will investigate to what degree anonymous communication over the Internet is possible. The result is unclear: theoretically possible but unlikely to be true in most real situations. Sources will be provided where necessary and may be acaedmia in nature or from the media. The combination of the two will show the cultural relevant of the topic and to highlight the interface between researchers, software developers and the general public who have no formal training in this area.

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