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Setting up a secure Linux web server

Setting up a secure Linux web server

Goal: by the end of this guide you should have a reasonably secure Linux web server.

Part of the reason I set up this was to improve my understanding of creating a secure website. I know how to assess a website for security problems but I didn’t have as much practical knowledge on the implementation side. As I worked through various online guides and books I decided that it made sense to document what I was doing and then share it here.

I could have just created a static website made purely from HTML and congratulate myself on having a secure server, but there are almost no real world scenarios where this is useful. Most people want a feature and content rich website which is also secure.

Many of the principles apply equally well to Microsoft IIS servers but from my own personal perspective going the Linux route is easier.

Secure server
Securing a server

[Currently a work in progress]


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